Here's a look at some valuable online resources...

1.  The Gettys -- Keith and Kristyn Getty are Irish singer/songwriters that have made a profound impact on the music of the church.  They are best known for their hymn, In Christ Alone, but have contributed many other songs that are used in worship around the globe.  They're currently having a summer sale on all CD's and songbooks.  I recommend their album, Live at The Gospel Coalition ($9.99), which is currently loaded into my CD player.  

2.  The Hobby Lobby Decision -- The recent Supreme Court decision in favor of Hobby Lobby marks a victory for religious liberty.  The 5-4 vote also reveals a deep divide among those seated on the highest court in the land.  Al Mohler evaluates this decision and offers some considerations that we should be paying attention to in the wake that follows.  

3.  Ebola -- As the latest strain of the Ebola virus spreads through Liberia, many are faced with the decision to stay or go.  God has called many missionaries to this African nation and each must wrestle with the real possibility that, if they do not evacuate, they could become infected. Robert Cutillo and his family were faced with a similar decision during their missionary placement in Zaire in 1991.  He explains why the decision to stay or go might not be as easy as it seems. The article opens with the story of Dr. Brantly, a 33 year old Dr. with a wife and two young children, who decided to stay and has been diagnosed with the deadly disease.  What would you do?

4.  Downcast -- Podcasts are amazing.  If you have a computer, iPod, or smartphone, you have access to thousands of resources that would otherwise cost you a lot of time and money.  The greatest teachers of our time are broadcasting their thoughts.  Pastors and theologians are making their sermons and lectures available.  Experts in almost every field are offering counsel and instruction.  Some podcasters are even digging up the best writings history has to offer and dictating them for all to hear.  The best part?  It's free!  Not only that, but you can listen to them anytime you like.  I always have a podcast playing as I mow the lawn, commute to work, or exercise. My current favorite podcasting app is called Downcast.  It allows you to easily search for podcasts, automatically download new episodes and delete old ones, and offers a number of other helpful features.