Take the Endurance Challenge

I am privileged to work with Wellsboro Homepage to produce a monthly installment called Back to Basics.  This is a great opportunity to share the Gospel with unbelievers while encouraging Christians to pursue Christ.  

John and Sara Vogt have been attending Wellsboro Bible Church for some time.  They are a wonderful example of a couple who demonstrates the Gospel in all they do.  Wellsboro Homepage, a local online news source, was developed by John and Sara as a means to share Christ with their community.  I was honored when John asked me to develop Back to Basics to help accomplish this goal.  He is bold to feature this segment once a month in effort to proclaim the Gospel to the men and women of Tioga County.  

This month's installment is called "Take the Endurance Challenge."  How's your endurance?


For more information about Wellsboro Homepage, or to view previous installments, click here.