9 Things You Won't be Celebrating in Eternity

I've never met Paul David Tripp, but he has had a profound influence on my life.  I first discovered him when I was assigned the book, Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands, during an internship. I've since profited greatly from his books,  sermons, lectures, and blog.  Paul has a unique ability to gently grab hold of the human heart and firmly redirect it to Christ.

I recently read an article on Paul's blog that helped me reconsider my priorities.  You might find it helpful to consider your own life in light of what he suggests are "9 Things You Won't be Celebrating in Eternity."

  1. SELF - This life is not about you. You were brought into a world that is, by definition, a celebration of the beauty and intelligence of God.
  2. MARRIAGE - No human being can satisfy your soul; only God can. If you place your identity in your spouse - or any other person, for that matter - you'll always be disappointed.
  3. KIDS - Your children are not actually your children; you gave birth to them, but they don’t belong to you. Your kids are from God, they exist through God, and the glory of their lives points to God.
  4. SUCCESS - God calls you to be fruitful and productive, but the moment you take on your success as an identity, you'll become a slave to a never-ending stream of potential opportunities.
  5. RENOWN - Again, this life is not about you. Your primary job description is to be an ambassador for and herald of the glory and renown of your Heavenly King, the Lord Jesus Christ.
  6. COMFORT - Comfort is not sinful, but you'll never find paradise in a fallen world. Also, the work of the gospel will often call you to uncomfortable people in uncomfortable places.
  7. EXCITEMENT - Go ahead and buy season tickets for your favorite football team, but if a touchdown excites you more than the life-transforming ministry of the local church, you need to re-evaluate your eternal priorities.
  8. LEISURE - Again, this world will never be a paradise. It's not sinful to enjoy a vacation, but remember that this life is a preparation for your final destination.
  9. PLEASURE - Pleasure was created by God for you, but the created pleasures of this world are meant to be a finger pointing to the ultimate pleasure - an intimate relationship with the Creator.

Might we all be encouraged to find our identity in Christ instead of the temporary treasures of this life.